14 Mart 2010 Pazar

simple hearted

the sun is rising for the sake of your charm
whispering the song written by a bard
blind, old and lonely
words all are indispensable
the voice of the silence is unbearable
just delighting exceedingly

he is now young and feeling warmer
the wind of death disappeared for a while
came from the mountain top
for peace and joy
buried sensation was re-born

young man knows you have it all
emotions gushed out
chills inside unquenchable
the throne you have inside is invulnerable

steer the young man with pleasure
and notice the attitude
one day
he will dare to wander through your house of flesh
his hands will become the fountain of the passion
making you flap into scenes
like a little swallow whispering the stich
warm,passionate and unholy
letting the wind tasting her beauty


march 14, 2010